Our Earth Your Art

In 2024, our theme is, Planet vs. Plastic, aiming to spotlight the detrimental effects of plastics on our environment, both in our oceans and on land. Additionally, microplastics are posing a threat to our health. They have even invaded the fashion industry and the clothes we wear – which is why we launched our Fashion for the Earth campaign.

Earthday.org is calling for a 60% reduction in global plastic production by 2040. Atlantic Beach invites YOU to contribute by creating an iconic poster vividly illustrating the urgent need to say NO to plastics!


All art must be submitted to us in a print format. Digital art includes art that you created on your phone, tablet, or computer. As well as traditional art that you photographed or scanned to convert it into digital form. If you are digitizing your art, try to use a scanner but if you are taking a photograph of it make sure you have enough lighting. Fill out this form and submit it with your work.

Submit by Friday, April 26, 2024
Submissions will also be accepted on April 21, 2024 at 11 AM.