Have a Plastic Free Summer

Summer is a great time to go plastic-free. Here are ten easy things you can do to reduce your ‘plastic footprint’ and help keep plastics out of the marine environment:

    1. Choose to reuse. Opt for cloth bags and metal or glass reusable bottles instead of plastic shopping bags and bottled water.
    2. Refuse single-use packaging. Say no to excess packaging, straws and other ‘disposable’ plastics. Instead, carry reusable utensils in your purse, backpack or car to use at BBQs, potlucks or take-out restaurants.
    3. Reduce your use. Everyday plastics such as sandwich bags, plastic wrap and juice cartons can be easily replaced by a reusable lunch bag or box, reusable wrap and a thermos.
    4. Bring your to-go mug. Using a mug at your favorite coffee shop, smoothie shop or restaurant is a great way to reduce lids, plastic containers or plastic-lined cups.
    5. Protect our coast one meal at a time. Look for Ocean Friendly Restaurants that pledge to reduce their plastic use. Check out our list here.
    6. Know better, do better. Seek out alternatives to the plastic items that you rely on.
    7. Recycle. If you must use plastic, try to choose #1 (PETE) or #2 (HDPE), which are the most commonly recycled plastics. Avoid plastic bags and polystyrene foam as both are rarely recycled.
    8. Volunteer at a beach cleanup. The Surfrider Foundation chapters often hold cleanups to reduce the plastic that is already littering our coasts monthly or more frequently.
    9. Ban it! Support plastic bag bans, polystyrene foam bans and bottle recycling bills.
    10. Spread the word. Talk to your family and friends about how easy it is to be plastic-free!

Together, we can stop plastic pollution at the source and keep single-use plastics from entering our landfills, watersheds and ocean.

For plastic-free coasts,
The Surfrider Foundation