FEMA has approved our request for reimbursement

During Super Storm Sandy approximately 341 trees were destroyed in the Village. FEMA has approved our request for reimbursement and we are ready to start tree removal. We have awarded the contract to Landscaping by Paul Doreste, who will start work within the next couple of days. The Village website will be updated daily to provide which locations tree removal will take place.
In the event that your house is skipped because of cars blocking access to the trees or we need to coordinate with the utilities, please note we will come back to your house.

We are looking into grants and FEMA reimbursement for the trees that we are removing.
We are researching sustainable trees that are native to Long Island and are drought resistant and salt spray tolerant.
In the coming weeks we will compile a list of trees that meet these requirements and those are the trees that residents will be able to plant if they want to on their own.

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