Beaches – Summer Season

Mayor Pappas presented the following:

Beach Openings:   

  • starting June 6th beaches will open weekends only
  • June 26th beaches will open 7 days a week – start of our beach season.
  • Prior to the June 26th opening we are looking to open additional beaches during the week, providing we have staff available.

Beach Hours:

  • 9 AM – 6 PM – during the weekend
  • 10 AM – 6 PM – during the week

if the need arises to extend the hours of operation we will do so accordingly

Beach pass and card decals:   starting later this week an application for beach passes and car stickers will be available on the Village website –

Beach pass rules:  

  • everyone must have a beach pass to enter a beach gate – no exceptions
  • children 12 and over must have a beach pass

Guests:  only one guest per resident will be permitted and must be present with the resident

Note:  if we don’t have a picture you can e-mail us one

Chair storage:   at the moment we will not be storing any chairs or umbrellas, you will be required to bring your chairs to the beach

Bathrooms:   will be open and maintained through the season

Boardwalk:  will remain closed indefinitely and will be discussed at a later meeting

Atlantic Beach Bridge: Tolls will be opening Monday, May 18

Beach Security Employees: they will be rotated between the beaches hours 10 am – 6 pm

Playgrounds: Eldorado playground: a snow fence will be installed around it to keep residents out

Beach Shacks:  bathrooms will be open

Chair Storage: chairs will not be stored in shacks this season – residents have to take their chairs down to beach and bring back home.

Website: finalizing website – beach pass and car decal application. The website will indicate when people can come to the village hall for decal.

We are asking for your cooperation as we navigate through this unprecedented time, and as conditions changes we will adjust as necessary