Seasonal Info

Hurricane Awareness Community Forum | September 7, 2017 – 7:00 PM
Fall Festival | Sunday, October 22, 2017

VILLAGE OFFICE HOURS                                                  

8:00 AM – 3:45 PM – Monday-Friday

Closing of Beaches

Monday, Labor Day September 4th will conclude our beach season. After this date, beaches will be unprotected by lifeguards and no bathing will be permitted.  Please remove all items from the beach houses no later than 6:00 PM on Labor Day, September 4th.

Removal of Vehicles Durning Snow Storms

When snowfall is predicted please remove your cars from the street – as our public works crew is hindered in snow plowing operations. Vehicles will be towed and may be redeemed at your expense.

Basketball Poles (portable and in-ground)                                                     

Village streets and sidewalks must be kept clear of all obstructions INCLUDING PORTABLE BASKETBALL POLES because such obstructions post a danger to the orderly flow of traffic and pedestrians and when it snows the snow plow cannot make a clear path.  Portable basketball poles must be put back onto your own property when not in use.

Parking Regulations

September 16, 2017, the “NO PARKING 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM” will be lifted. Some streets in the village have no parking throughout the year – if you are having a party and  wish to have guests park on the street call the Village Office Monday – Friday from 8:00 AM to 3:45 PM or e-mail the request to or for a special parking permit.

48 Hour Parking Regulation

No person shall park any vehicle on any public or private road within the corporate limits of the Village Beach for more than 48 hours regardless of any parking regulations.

Village Board Meetings

The Board of Trustees meets the second Monday of each month (unless it falls on a holiday) at 7:45 PM in the Village Hall. Go to our website for a complete list of meeting dates

Village Taxes 

Please notify the Village Office in writing upon satisfying your mortgage, if you refinance your mortgage or have your mortgage sold by one lending institution to another. If you sell your house, please make sure you tell the new owner to come to the Village Hall with their deed so records can be changed.

Atlantic Beach Rescue Squad

New members always welcome, free training – meeting the last Tuesday of every month at the Atlantic Beach Rescue Headquarters, 1 Rescue Road – 8:00 P.M. – Contact Chief Jonathan Kohan at 371-2348.

Atlantic Beach Cats Inc.

AB Cats Inc. is a volunteer organization that works to reduce the Village’s free-roaming cat population through our humane Trap-Neuter-Return Program.  Our program has been nationally recognized as one of the outstanding programs in the country for its success.  Please notify the Village office if you see kittens or know of any free-roaming cats that require spay/neuter.  Feral cats that have been fixed have their left ear tipped.  All cats are returned to where they were trapped after they are spayed/neutered.

Fundraising for AB Cats goes on 12 months a year.  Please help by:

  1. Dropping off your old cell phones, video games, lap tops, GPS, and ink cartridges at the Village Office.
  2. Volunteering your time.
  3. Fostering a cat/kitten until a permanent home is found.
  4. Support our fundraising events.

AB Cats is always in need of your Tax Deductible Donation.  100% of your donation goes to the TNR and care of the feral cat population in Atlantic Beach. Please Spay/Neuter your pet cats!

AB Book Lending Library

There is a book lending library in the Village Hall sponsored by AB Cats – it is a help yourself, free service.

Beautification Committee

 As we approach fall we want to thank all who supported our sale and the village staff who made our enterprise a success.  We will continue to have ponchos, sweatshirts and blankets on sale in the village office which are great for the fall.  In addition, we will have some great finds at the fall festival. We welcome volunteers for the fall festival as well as overall involvement.

Building Permits

Non-structural and structural construction require a permit. Call the Village Office 371-4600 between the hours of 8:00 AM to 3:45 PM for information. Building Department e-mail:

Enclosed storage containers or PODS also require a permit before being placed on your property.   Call the Village office 371-4600 for additional information.

Construction/Gardeners/Power Equipment/Manual Equipment

  • Power equipment- manual equipment- perform any construction –not permitted as follows:
  • earlier than 8:00 AM on weekdays; – earlier than 9:00 AM on Saturday or later than 6:00 PM on any day
  • from Friday before Memorial Day weekend to the Tuesday following  Labor day
  • Sunday prohibited year round
  • all legal holidays throughout the year

All permits must be visual to inspectors

Commercial Vehicles, Trucks, Vans, Trailers or Campers

Commercial vehicles, trucks, vans, trailers or campers are not allowed to be parked on any public highway, private roads, private driveway or private property in the Incorporated Village of Atlantic Beach limits – this is in violation of Local Law and will be strictly enforced by the Village and Nassau County Police Department.  Commercial vehicles cannot be parked in the Village unless they are delivering goods or providing a service – especially overnight even on private property.

Vehicles to be Parked on Paved Driveway Only

no vehicles shall be permitted to be parked, kept or stored on any residential property unless such vehicle is on a paved driveway.  All driveways shall be accessible from a legal village street only – at no time shall any vehicles be permitted to be parked in the rear yard, lawns or patios in any residential area.

Cars Blocking Sidewalk – it shall not be permissible for any such vehicle parked in a driveway to extend into the sidewalk and public street.
Inoperative or Unlicensed Motor Vehicles – No inoperative or unlicensed motor vehicles shall not be parked, kept or stored on any premises, and no vehicle shall at any time be in a state of major disassembly, disrepair, or in the process of being stripped or dismantled.

Attention: Dog Owners

Dogs are not permitted on the boardwalk at any time and are not allowed on the beaches during the months of April through September. No More than THREE (3) Dogs are permitted per household- Anyone violating this law will be summonsed. 

Pooper-scooper laws are now being strictly enforced by our Security Patrol and Sanitation Commissioners.  If you live on the water, please do not sweep your dog feces into the bay, as it pollutes our water, and is against the law.

Dogs must be leashed at all times and may not run-at-large. The leash must not exceed six (6) foot in length.

Excessive barking is considered a disturbance of the peace and is in violation of our local law.  Our Village Inspectors will issue summonses to all dog owners violating our Village Laws.

Dog licenses issued by the Town of Hempstead – 489-5000 x 3034

Garage and Tag Sales

The Village has a Local Law regulating Garage Sales, Tag Sales, etc.  To conduct such a sale, you must file for a permit with the Village Clerk at least ten (10) days prior to the first day of sale.  Further information can be obtained from the Village Hall.

House Numbering

Number your house, using 2 1/2″ in height letters.  This is of grave importance and will allow the Fire, Rescue and Police to find your home quickly in an emergency.

Residential Occupancy

All dwellings, premises, homes, houses and apartments in the Incorporated Village of Atlantic Beach are restricted to one-family occupancy. GROUPER HOMES ARE NOT PERMITTED. Violation of this ordinance is punishable by fines to the owner, tenant, and/or real estate broker.

Transient Occupancy Prohibited (Local Law 5-2015)

Rentals less than 30 days are prohibited in Atlantic Beach (Airbnb, Home Away, Etc.)  Penalties for the violation of this law will include a suspension of the dwelling or dwelling unit’s Certificate of Occupancy and a $5,000 per day civil penalty imposed on the owner


Our Security force is here to help you – please let us know your comments.- The Village Security is here only as a supplement to the Nassau County Police Department.  If you observe any suspicious activity or persons please report to the Nassau County Police Department by calling 911.

Signs – For Sale or For Rent

There is a Village Law prohibiting FOR SALE OR FOR RENT signs on motor vehicles parked upon any highway, street of private property – please adhere to this law accordingly.

Speed Limit

The speed limit in Atlantic Beach is 15 MPH with the exception of Park Street, which is 25 MPH. For the safety of all, speed limit and street directional signs are a must to follow.

Street Lights

Please contact the Village Office if you notice any street lights out or on during the day – give the number on the pole, exact location.

Swimming Pools

Swimming pool and hot tubs must be either drained or covered by October 15th. It is a violation of village law to empty water from swimming pools (or hot tubs) into any street, easement, beach, or Reynolds Channel. Local Law requires that all water from swimming pools and hot tubs must be disposed of through adequate drywells. Summons will be issued for violations.


If you have a complaint about an unusual amount of air noise, please call or e-mail at the following number and file a brief report. Please include time and nature of complaint (e g: excessively loud, too many hours (8 or more) of continuous noise, etc.) and any other information such as airplane identification, if possible.

Port Authority of NY: (718) 244-3881 or 1(800) 225-1071
FAA e-mail: 9-AEA-NOISE@FAA.GOV – You can also go to the Port Authority website to track aircraft over your home at:

Garbage/Recycling/Dumpsters/Holiday Schedule

Garbage Collection – Monday, Wednesday and Friday – please continue placing your garbage curbside for collection.  Use either hard-sided, plastic or metal containers with a watertight cover or in-ground containers with proper lids – garbage should be placed in plastic or paper bags before putting into any of these containers.

September 30, 2017 will be the last Saturday garbage collection.


Holiday Garbage Collection

Labor Day | Monday, September 4, 2017 – garbage will be picked up on Tuesday
Columbus Day | Monday, October 9, 2017 – garbage will be picked up on the holiday
Veterans Day | Friday, November 10, 2017 – garbage will be picked up on the holiday
Thanksgiving Day | Thursday, November 23, 2017 – recycling put out on Friday with regular garbage
Christmas | Monday, December 25, 2017 – garbage will not be picked up on the holiday. Garbage will be picked up on Tuesday, December 26th
New Year’s | Monday, January 1, 2018 – garbage will not be picked up on the holiday. Garbage will be picked up on Tuesday, January 2nd
Martin Luther King | Monday, January 15, 2018 – garbage will be picked up on the holiday
President’s Day | Monday, February 19, 2018 – garbage will be picked up on the holiday


Recycling is picked up every Thursday. See above for recycling pick up if holidays falls on a Thursday. 

Newspapers, Magazines, Paperback Books, Hard Cover Books, Cardboard, Glass, Cans, Plastic, Paper, Etc.

Newspapers are to be placed in your recycling container. Cardboard boxes are to be collapsed and tied the same way as newspapers. Leave at curb either in a blue bin or a clear plastic bag. Recycling must not be mixed in with the regular garbage. Anyone who continues this practice will be fined. 

Bulk Pick Up – Bulk pick up is on Wednesday and Friday – it is not necessary to call in your bulk items – there is a six (6) item limit per bulk day. Bulk items include stoves, refrigerators (please remove doors), mattresses, etc.


Dumpster A permit is required for any dumpster – whether placed on street or in a driveway – the permit fee for 30 days is $25 or 90 days is $50. ALL DUMPSTERS, WASTE CONTAINERS OR ROLL-OFF CONTAINERS MUST BE COVERED AT ALL TIMES WHEN NOT IN USE                                                                                                                                                                      

Household Hazardous Waste S.T.O.P. – STOP THROWING OUT POLLUTANTS – Town of Hempstead Department of Sanitation has opened facilities for disposition of pesticides, waste oil, batteries, paint, antifreeze, pool chemicals, etc. – call 516-378-2200 or visit www.TOH.LI for STOP collection dates and places.


Emergency Warning Notification System

We have an Emergency Warning Notification System that automatically broadcasts and dials residents’ telephone numbers leaving a message. This is used for important announcements, hurricanes, snowstorms, etc.  If you have not given us your telephone number to input into this system, or changed your telephone number, please call the Village Hall on 371-4600.  Also, please e-mail to  or -the e-mail address you want on record in the village office.

Emergency Preparedness – Hurricanes, etc.

The Atlantic Coast hurricane season is from June 1 to November 30, however, we are most vulnerable from mid-August to early November.  Here are some steps you should take, even before a hurricane watch or warning is announced:

  • Check to be certain that your emergency equipment is in good working order and that you have enough supplies to last several days.
  • Obtain and store materials necessary to properly secure your home. Make sure your car has gas and is in good working order. Also plan to have the following items available:

First Aid Kit – Battery operated radio -Flashlight – Extra batteries – Matches, Manually operated can opener – Canned and packed foods, milk and other beverages – Extra medicine, baby food and diapers – Portable ice chest – One gallon of water per each member of your household


For more information call Village Hall 371-4600.  The Village’s Emergency Warning Notification System will start informing residents 48 hours prior to any evacuations.

Accident Prevention Course


If interested in the class, please call Village Office 516- 371-4600.